This project aimed to inform high school students on what Graphic Design is, as well as help inform and aid their next steps towards a creative career. This was a group project that fit each member into a specific role in order to explore the reality of a creative team. I was a designer, researcher, presenter and secondary creative director in this brief.  
As a team we concluded this project with an exposition of our prototype that presented mock ups of a video interview and website that described ‘the day in a life of a designer’, as well as a social media platform that described the same theme through a snapchat filter/story. We also created promotional posters, a business proposal that described a careers festival and a promotional/information pack. This festival encourages the children to explore the creative industry through workshops, speakers and briefs. All together these elements informed the children not only on the credibility and freedom of a creative career but also on the viable goal of becoming a creative, of which many students that we spoke with sadly felt was a very far away dream. 
This project was in collaboration with Mook Attanath, Milly Findlay as well as Hannah Hawkesley and Lucy Martin who are exploring the idea of taking this project to schools around the country.
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