After Donald Trump became the 45th US president in 2017, I saw the great confusion that once again lay across my news-feed. As a reaction, I wanted answers and began to explore the connection between mass communication and public opinion. I came across propagandist Edward Bernays, who once argued that society is consentient to its own control; explaining that: ‘we are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of’. 
Through a tangible representation of online behaviour shown in the form of a 68 page publication titled ‘Amendment One’, I aimed to explore and explain why extremist views have taken hold of our communities and to, ultimately, reveal whether Bernays’ thoughts still remain relevant today.
In this project, I invited people to look closer into contemporary communication, delve deeper into their screens, and challenge the notion that online media is not a place of free thought, free decision or free expression. 

This project became the focus of my degree show space at ECA, exhibiting from 1st - 11th June 2017. In this space the publication sits centrally as Bernays’ hand-painted comment looms above. 

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